Monday, August 27, 2012

August 2012 It Just Keeps Getting Better!

It really is a privilege to go out and about around Auckland sharing the extreme love of Jesus, and it just seems to get better every month!

Campus Christian Movement

We love getting together with these wonderful students from Auckland Uni - and it was great to spend more time with them encouraging them how to naturally share their faith for the upcoming "Jesus Week" at Auckland Uni - these guys have an amazing ability to connect with the students on Campus and to make all nationalities and faiths feel welcome at their club that meets every Friday evening on Campus for a time of discussion on Spiritual things, followed up by a meal with lots of laughs afterwards!

Auckland Uni Jesus Week 6th – 10th August

Getting to spend 4 days at Auckland Uni, seeing the young Uni students excited about sharing their faith is simply wonderful.  It was so amazing to see these ones gaining confidence even after a few curly customers and truly re-presenting Jesus in an authentic way.   Getting to share with countless Auckland Uni students about how much God loves them is even better!  We had so many really in depth conversations with the students over hot chocolate and many got to truly encounter His love in a tangible way.  One scenario that truly stands out is the young girl we met last month at Orientation week, who had only stepped off the plane from China 24 hours prior.  She had shared with us at the training prior to Jesus Week that the word that I had spoken over her went straight to her heart – she  remembered the word exactly and shared how she loved that everyone at the club on Campus she now attends has made her feel so welcome! This week she came out with us encouraging students to pick a card and receive an encouraging word or a Name Reading.   God you are awesome!

Pakuranga Night Market 11th August 2012

It is awesome that the love of Jesus is absolutely unconditional and we get to see that in action every time we go to the Auckland Night Markets and the 11th August was no exception. The XP Revelations team got to speak with around 35 people from many different walks of life, different faiths and different nationalities and ages - from a 10 year old boy to the other extreme! One stand out group was a Maori guy, Chinese girl and a Native American Indian girl – all flat mates who were really impacted to the point of tears by the Spiritual Insights and Words of Destiny that they received, leaving the stall as if we were old friends. Holy Spirit transcends every language and culture and reaches deep into all people’s hearts!

The 10 year old boy and his 12 year old brother who has amazing spiritual encounters was encouraged to really ask God to lead and guide him and has since been in touch with us via the website looking for further guidance.

Rhema Network 16th August 2012

This is a wonderful opportunity that I get once a month where I am available to talk about your dreams live on air and this was another great day with Pat Brittenden "Mornings" First up was  one of Rhema's Producer's Cathy Jenke with her dream regarding handbags - which when interpreted made complete sense to her regarding new things/ideas that she was looking at picking up or venturing into.  There never seems to be enough time to get through all the callers dreams let alone the emails so if you are keen to call into Rhema, make sure you get in early with those dreams you feel are significant, recurring and not too long - next date is Thursday September 13th after the 11am News - look forward to hearing from you!

Wise Cicada 17th August 2012

Helen and I hit the ground running with some of Wise Cicada’s great coffee and people waiting for us in the small window of time that we have here!  The main focus here is Dream Interpretation, but they can pick anything they like off the menu.  Today was definitely a Dream filled day though, with some incredibly spiritual dreams that pointed to both Jesus and the Ancient Hebraic Scriptures.  God is speaking to ALL people, no matter what their faith through dreams!  We will be back at Wise Cicada on Friday 14th September 2012.

Pakuranga Night Market 25th August 2012

God simply loves to show off to His kids and through His kids, as we find out every time we are at the Night Market.  From the young woman who came in with severe back pain from a damaged disc in her upper back (9 out of 10 pain) and a sore foot who got completely healed to the young 12 year old boy who we mentioned earlier who came back this week who was more than ready to begin his journey with Jesus.  We saw around 30+ through the stall tonight (despite the Bledisloe Cup Game with the All Blacks) and saw so many encouraged by Dream Interpretation, Cards of Destiny, and Identity Bracelets amongst the other things on the Menu Board.  The dates for the Night Markets in September  will be Saturday September 8th and Saturday September 22nd 2012 from 6pm-late.  Drop in and say Hi.

So all in all a busy month around and about in Auckland, and as always so much fun getting to co-labour with our Dad and sharing His extreme love with all that we meet!

P.S.  If this is something you and your church/group are interested in finding out about please feel free to contact Erin or Andrew at we would love to spend time with you training your group to feel confident about going “Outside the Walls” – preferably on a either the 2nd or 4th Saturday of the month as the training will be followed by a practical session at the Auckland Night Market.

Of course please don't hesitate to send in your dreams to the website for interpretation - for those of you that would like to really get a handle on what your dreams mean you might like to consider a Revelations Dream School in your area for your friends/group/church........we are happy to travel.....overseas as just drop us a line on

That's it for this month from the Dream's team, hope all your dreams are sweet ones!

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