Sunday, December 30, 2012

'Tis Always the Season to be Love!

What an incredible year 2012 has been for us here at Dreams.  To say that we have thoroughly enjoyed all the amazing opportunities that we have had to show and be love to all those that we have come across, is almost an understatement.  There is nothing like sharing His Extreme Love whether at the Auckland Night Markets, Wise Cicada, Interpreting Dreams on Radio Rhema, doing Revelations Dream Schools around the country, Training folk up to go “Outside the Walls” or just out and about. 
  12th December 2012  Auckland Night Market - Pakuranga

‘Twas the last market before Christmas and all through the stalls, no one was crying, not one single bawl, for joy had entered a heart that day, the kind of joy no one can take away...

A lady came in asking a few questions, dancing around what she was really wanting to talk about.  She had been looking for Truth in many different places.  In the past week or so she had asked for the true road to be shown to her.  One morning she woke up and saw a bright light in the shape of a cross on her wall from the sunrise. She said that it had never appeared on her wall before and there was nothing that would naturally form that shape - within a couple of minutes it was gone, but she managed to take a picture of it on her iPhone and showed us.  When asked what she thought it was.  She said "A cross" and when asked what it meant to her, she said "Jesus, God."  God was inviting her to have a relationship with Him and she was really eager to begin!

This was the last Auckland Night Market at Pakuranga for 2012 and as always we saw people encounter God where they needed it most for their current set of circumstances. One lovely young couple had been battling with thoughts of suicide and were visibly touched and did not want to leave as they were hearing life and hope in the words, destiny and prayers spoken over them. With 50 plus through and by the stall we saw many receive encouraging words from the Destiny Cards, healing for one man’s ankle and anothers shoulder.

It has been an awesome opportunity to spend 2012 at the Markets sharing God’s love with those of all ages, races and beliefs. We are looking forward to returning in 2013 on January 12th.

14th December 2012 Wise Cicada

This was our final visit to Wise Cicada for 2012.  It has been so wonderful having the opportunity to be available to interpret folk’s dreams and see lives impacted by sharing the love of God as they pick from our “Spiritual Menu”.  We had our “regular time” with one of the ladies from Wise Cicada, who is such a delight and we have really enjoyed getting to know her over the past few months.  A young student from South Africa sat down with us while his friend was in getting some help from the Naturopath, they both ended up chatting with us and were encouraged from both Words of Destiny and a dream that Helen shared that she had which was for the other young South African.  An elderly lady kept exclaiming how amazing it was that she decided to come into the cafe/shop today never expecting to be blessed on her spiritual journey.

The team is having a break until the 12th January next year which is when the first market is.  If you have been inspired by reading these testimonies and are interested in learning how easy and how much fun it is to share the Extreme Love of Jesus, please don’t hesitate to contact Erin/Andrew at and we would be more than happy to discuss “Outside the Walls” training with you or your group.

The Dreams team would like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 2012 Out & About with Dreams

Revelations Dream School 2nd & 3rd November 2012

What a great time we had at Revelations Dream School earlier this month with the folk out at Papatoetoe – some had come up from Huntly and from other parts of Auckland.  We love seeing people come to a place where all the things they have been wondering about connected to their dreams (parables in the night seasons) start to click into place.  For us often the most fun part of the weekend is the practical part where we work as a team with all those involved helping to interpret some of the dreams that people have written down.  We don’t always know where this will lead, and what the outcomes will be but we are never surprised at the way that dreams can have a huge impact on people’s lives and see them released into the fullness of their destiny. We had dreams about Volcanoes, Afghanistan amongst many others – mostly all metaphorical and once interpreted spoke deeply into the “dreamers” lives.  These schools are held to equip the dreamers so that they are able to begin to understand their own dreams and are always a lot of fun, so feel free to contact us on or for further info go to  if you would like one held in your area. 

Rhema Broadcasting Group 8th November 2012

I really love the opportunity that I have had with Pat Brittenden on the “Mornings” show at Rhema this past year and it is wonderful to hear all the dreams that everyone has been having and being able to shed some insight and clarity for those that phone in.    6th December 2012 will be my last one on this show as the “Mornings” show has now come to an end with a new format for the New Year, so if you have a dream and really want to phone in we are on just after the 11am news.

Auckland Night Markets – Pakuranga 10th November 2012

There often seems to be a theme for the night when we are at the markets.  This time the main theme was Religion vs Love & Truth and that is what we saw happening on Saturday night at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga. One beautiful young couple that had been together for 3 years were battling against the young woman’s parent’s beliefs which was not only trying to tear them apart but also told her that she had caused her Father’s heart attack – we spoke peace, truth and hope into this broken young couple and the young woman began to finally see light through her tears. Another beautiful young couple – A Christian girl, secure in her faith and a young man looking at another faith trying to find truth amongst hypocrisy, also found hope and encouragement for their destiny together and in God. Finally a young couple battered by well meaning people in their Church where the young woman was sadly told that she was going to hell because of a dream she had shared was completely set free – it is such a privilege to get the opportunity to bring  Love, Grace, Light, Truth, Hope and Comfort to those that desperately need it! 

With exam time coming up we got several requests to pray for Uni and College students during this time – they may not know the God who answers prayers (yet) but they understand that there is power in prayer and walked away with renewed confidence.

Wise Cicada 23rd November 2012

Another sunny day in Auckland and a great time again at Wise Cicada – with the opportunity to speak into several folks lives.  As Helen and I were sitting talking waiting for the next person to drop by and pick something off our “Spiritual Menu” a gentleman came past and we encouraged him to get a free dream interpretation – he walked past saying that we wouldn’t want to interpret his dreams as they were pretty dark.  I was telling Helen the dream I had the night before regarding a word of knowledge for this person regarding healing while this gentleman was perusing the table next to us and he spoke up and said that the word I had in the dream was for him, so we let him know that we could help with that and began to command healing – he then tells us that he has cancer and is on morphine – looking forward to a good report in the near future! 
Another young woman stops by with a recurring dream and begins to tell us a very personal story regarding her current situation which she has not shared with anyone, without going into any detail we were  able to encourage, give wise counsel and pray for her.  It is such a huge privilege to bless and encourage people – and we never take this lightly – God loves people – all of them and all their varied and challenging situations and wants the opportunity to pour His goodness out on them – we love getting to co-labour with Him at Wise Cicada!  We will be back at Wise Cicada on December 14th 2012 and would love to see you there!

Auckland Night Markets – Pakuranga 24th November 2012

What started out as a quiet night for the Auckland Night Market in Pakuranga sure finished with a bang around midnight! "The Dream that never stops Giving" might be a apt title for what was happening tonight - again the same dream that had impact at Wise Cicada the day before spoke to others this night as well. Dreams with Words of Knowledge that lead to healing and 3 people from one stall visiting ours. The first girl came in wanting her dream to be interpreted and one of the XP Revelations team who had a dream a couple of nights prior shared a dream with her and asked if there was anyone with any pain from their particular stall. She promptly went and brought a young man back followed by another lady later in the evening – all three were greatly impacted by the healing, words of knowledge, dream interpretation and words of destiny spoken over their lives. Again it is so wonderful to share God’s love and grace with many different folk regardless of their beliefs and see them truly impacted by those who are willing to be His hands and His feet.

Name Readings are something that young and old enjoy – these more often than not relate to the person’s identity and personality and are a huge encouragement and most people that come through the stall request them.  It is wonderful seeing the children that come through get really excited as they discover even at a young age that they have a destiny and purpose in this life.

We will be back at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga on the 8th December 2012, feel free to drop on by and say Hi – let us know where you heard about us from, it is always great to hear of the diverse ways people get to hear about “Dreams”.

So you can see from the above two stories that Dreams can truly impact people's lives to the point where they can be set free from pain and sickness amongst other things!  Again feel free to send in your dreams to be interpreted – for those that have attended a school, have a go at the interpretation yourself when you send it in, this is great practice!  We are extremely busy so there may be a lag over this period, but we will get to your dream.

Blessings & Sweet Dreams
From the “Dreams” Team

Monday, November 12, 2012

Dreams - Stories from October 2012

Yes, Life is busy in "Dreams" world - but that is how we love it - we are so thankful for all the opportunities we get to help folk interpret their dreams, receive spiritual insights and see them healed both physically and emotionally!
11th October 2012 Rhema Broadcasting Group

Another month and more Dreamers phoning in to ‘Mornings’ with Pat Brittenden.  This month we had folk phoning in regarding numbers – which are often tricky and can easily sidetrack you from the main theme of the dream.  Another man phoning in regarding an earthquake followed by a tidal wave – remembering in most “Dream Settings” that the symbols are metaphors for what is currently happening in our life – we never seem to have enough time to get through all the dreams – so if you are thinking about phoning in get in early!

12th October 2012 Wise Cicada

Helen and I love going to Wise Cicada and it is even better when they try a new barrister out on us for free!  It is always wonderful meeting new people and hearing their spiritual journeys – even if theirs differ from ours – they are looking for hope, truth and freedom and we have that in bucket loads so it is a great privilege to be able to encourage them.  The top three favourites this time were Dream Interpretation, Name Readings and Spiritual Insights and they are always happy for us to speak or pray a blessing over them and release God’s love.  We will be back there on the 23rd November between 11:30am and 1:30pm (longer if there is a queue).

13th October 2012 Auckland Night Markets - Pakuranga

God is outrageously good and this was apparent to all of those that came through the XP Revelations stall at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga. Right from the beginning of the night we heard from the other stall holders how impacted the man who runs the Markets was from being healed of a broken arm at the previous Market. When we caught up with him and his wife it was quite incredible how they were recommending to anyone and everyone to come and see us and that God was responsible for his healing.

Spiritual Cleansing was high on the list this particular night as we saw a couple of young men (at different times through the night) battling against Dark Dreams/Experiences encouraged and no longer being prevented from walking into their destiny – fear got kicked out the door and was replaced by love, confidence and peace. Another young man from a stall across the way experienced a reduction from the pain in his wrist which had a metal screw in it. Many people got to experience God’s presence through the team via the many options they chose from the Menu. It is such a privilege to be able to share His love in the Marketplace. Thank You God!

27th October 2012 Outside The Walls Training

We had a great day of training at Outside the Walls where folk were equipped to show the extreme love of Jesus with all those they come into contact with and saw how much fun and how easy it can be making this a part of their everyday lives.  There is a practical component at the end of this training so they can begin to walk out what they have learned and this is held at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga and they were kept very, very busy!  Don’t forget if you or some folk from your church or area are interested in Outside the Walls training followed by the practical session at the Markets; please don’t hesitate to contact us at

 27th October 2012 Auckland Night Markets - Pakuranga

The more helpers we have it seems the more folk we can see and that makes us really happy!  With over 50 people through the stall they picked pretty much everything off the menu and yet again we saw so many deeply impacted by God’s incredible love, most for the very first time in their lives. One lady with level 8 pain in her feet was thrilled when it completely disappeared. Another lady with level 6 pain in her neck and limited movement had a significant decrease and we could see her walking away continually moving her head from side to side really enjoying the fact that she could now freely move her head!  The stories that the team could tell of sharing God’s love with those searching for hope would fill pages and we feel so honoured to be able to speak into people’s lives and see them walk in one way and leave another.

Please don’t hesitate to keep sending in your dreams to to get some clarity on what they might mean – we will get to you as soon as we can depending on our schedule!

Sweet Dreams from the Dreams Team


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dream Tips

As mentioned on the Dreams Treasure Chest page, Dreams will be posting regular Dream Tips that will help you to better understand the symbols in your dreams.  Remember these are merely to spark ideas and will have to be taken into context with the entire dream.  Dreams are in the process of creating a journal with a comprehensive Dreams Treasure Chest as well as a place for you to write down your dreams – we will keep you posted as to when this will be available.

is for Apple
New York – The Big Apple; 
Apple of my eye – precious; temptation; words; good health; 
 a tranquil spirit.

We saw “The Big Apple” crop up at a Revelations Dream School, when as a group we were endeavouring to interpret an attendee’s dream.  In consultation with her we discovered that she really wanted to go to New York and it appeared in her dream as a big ‘apple’.  Symbolism is such fun, and learning our own particular dream language is great!   She was incredibly excited at the prospect of this dream as it was showing her using her creative abilities in a place that she had strongly desired to go to.

Just reminding people that there is a Revelations Dream School coming up very soon where you can come have some fun, receive the comprehensive Revelations Dream School Manual and leave equipped with the tools for interpreting your own dreams! See the "Events" page on our website.  You do NEED TO REGISTER prior
Time:    7pm – 9:30pm Friday 2nd November 9:30am – 9:30pm Saturday 3rd November
Venue:  St Martin’s Church
22 Wyllie Road
Old Papatoetoe

To Register: email or phone Yvonne Lovatt on 09 622 0677 or contact the Church Office 09 278 8657  $35/person $50/couple includes a Revelations Dream School Manual.
Cutoff date for Registrations 20th October 2012.  There will be NO DOOR REGISTRATIONS.

We are happy to do a school in your area, drop us a line if you would like one. Email us at


In the meantime Sweet Dreams and feel free to let your friends and whanau know about us at  We would love to get the word out more you can also find us at