Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Miracle Move

Hi Everyone, 

Why do we post these blogs?  Not to boast in what we are doing or have done but to boast in the One that that is love and to encourage all of you who read this that you can impact others lives no matter who you are or where you are.  It is simple to love others when there are no agendas!

It has been another busy couple of  month's for the "Dreams" www.dreams.org.nz team.  At the beginning of the year we said a little karakia (prayer) regarding possibly selling our house – mainly saying that we could not be bothered going through the “open home” scenario where we have to keep the house immaculate while many strangers roam through it for a couple of hours on a Saturday and Sunday. (This is for the overseas readers who don’t know how we do things here in New Zealand) So we sort of told God that someone would have to come to us….yeah right, this has never happened to us in our 25 years of owning homes.  In late February someone popped something in the letterbox looking for a house in our street.  We looked at each other and left it for a few days, then decided, well we had prayed, so maybe this was God’s answer!  We sent them an email with the house details – no phone number.  They replied promptly that they were keen and when could they come through.  We were a little gob smacked and left it for a day.  In the meantime they played detective, rang directory, got our “unlisted” number and rang us to see if they could come over that night.  After a mad panic clean up they did, they offered and we accepted.  May 10th we moved into our other miracle – a cheap very large temporary rental in one of the best streets in Greenlane and it was the weekend of a Market, hopefully we won’t try that one again in a hurry – we were on automaton on the Saturday Night, but thankfully Wairua Tapu never is!

11th May 2013 Auckland Night Market Pakuranga

Most people that come to the Auckland Night Market in Pakuranga expect to find good international food and a bit of fun with family and friends. Those that stop by our stall get so much more. Healing and Words of Destiny were at the top of the menu last Saturday night. For the guy at the front of the stall that had his clavicle healed instantly it enabled him to show how he could now freely swing his arms around which then caused the second guy (not with him at all) who was watching the whole thing to ask if the pain that he had in his shoulder could be healed, and God obliged immediately!

We just love how God uses us to really encourage people with Words of knowledge (something you could not possibly know about a person that God drops into your spirit) and Words of Destiny (encouraging words for your future) and they went hand in hand with Dream building and we had a few folk come in looking for hope and guidance for their futures that were released to be able to begin the process of pursuing their passions and dreams. To see someone light up as they receive inspiration from another realm is so much fun.

To be able to connect with the mother of one of the young girls we had seen the fortnight before was a precious time for the family and the team that were involved in seeing God speak life, hope and love into their current situation.

Another lady came through wanting to know what “Dreaming about Cats” meant.  After discovering that these were not “nice” dreams and that she has a bit of a phobia, a little karakia and peace was restored.  Just to let you know, cats don’t always have to have a negative meaning, particularly if they are a beloved pet!

These are just a few snippets of the “so much more” that only touches very briefly on how our supernatural God loves to transform lives.

May 17 & 18 Dreaming with Purpose Auckland

What an incredible privilege to be able to be one of the line up speaking at this really wonderful annual conference.  

This is the 3rd year that we have been involved with Kim White – a local Pastor with a huge heart to see business people encouraged and inspired to make a difference in their sphere of influence.

We learnt some great tips for not allowing our self-talk to prevent us from moving forward into our destiny from Lynley Allan of Bounce Life Coaching. www.bouncecoaching.co.nz  

Heard story after story from Denis Clarke of Business Edge International http://businessedge.org.nz/ how God has impacted the business people in Hamilton, both with favour and healing.   
Got taken on Tracy Keytel Swift’s prophetic journey of how God had been speaking to her about her new business “New Identity” https://www.facebook.com/newidentityltd/info over the last 18 months or so.  


Heard how Keith and Heather Nicholson had prophetically received the name and idea for their business “Turn Key Consultancy Ltd”.  
Phil Strong https://www.philstrong.com a regular DWP Speaker from Wise Money  encouraged us yet again.
Kim White the DWP founder shared how his epic kayak journey with “Charity Yakkers” from Auckland to Tauranga had not only helped raise money for some great charities but had transformed him along the way.  See http://www.dreamingwithpurpose.co.nz

25th May 2013 Auckland Night Market Pakuranga

We had the pleasure of having Jeannie, John and Simon helping us out last Saturday night and even though it was really wet and miserable night outside it was another incredible night at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga. Around 20 plus braved the weather and ended up in our stall – all excited/curious to discover what treasures might be hidden within them. New Zealand is filled with so many talented and creative people, young and old alike – I am sure that most of them come into our stall and all were looking to experience an authentic connection spiritually!
It was a “shoulder night” yet again with a lady healed and a “young man” receiving freedom from pain and full mobility by simply holding the “No Pain” sign and getting his photo taken. 

Met a lovely couple visiting from Prague who had name readings – where their names meant exactly the same thing – one feminine, and the other the male version of God’s gift – they were wrapped!  (no pun intended!)

I so wish we could explain the thrill (for us and them) when we see God’s manifested kingdom via Words of Destiny, Healing, Spiritual Insights, Spiritual Encounters etc absolutely floor people that may have never experienced Him before and how amazing it is to see someone discover that their dream (parable in the night) is truly one that could totally alter their lives and propel them into their destiny! To see ones who have been through traumatic and dark times get to experience real freedom and authentic love is really the best thing ever!!!!!

8th June 2013 Auckland Night Markets Pakuranga

Win for the All Blacks Yay and it was a huge win for the 30 or so that came through the stall last night! A lady and her daughter that were mildly curious about the Menu Board ended up spending around an hour with us picking several things of f the Menu.  The Mum picked a Destiny Card that said “Shine”, had a Name Reading and discovered her name meant "gold" and then to top it all off her shoulder pain went from a 6/10 down to a zero - one of the many precious moments from the night!

A Girl came in limping, received an instant healing and walked out with a huge grin on her face.  A couple of brothers received encouraging words from two of the team and one also had prayer for spinal problems where he received minimal relief, but later in the night they came back and the other brother who we did not pray for was “accidentally” healed from his own back pain which he had not even mentioned!  Final healing was a lady that had terrible abdominal pain and received instant relief! 

We often have people come up to us that are a little unsure about what we do and who we are and we had one lady that was definitely quite hesitant initially but when she received a word of knowledge about being in admin and opportunities opening up for her, it turned out she went for an interview Thursday and was feeling quite unsure of herself so she left feeling hugely encouraged and excited about the prospects for her future.  

It has been amazing watching the journey of two beautiful young ladies that we have spoken with before being transformed by Gods love and particularly through dream interpretation and prayer. 

Another incredible night seeing the love of God touch many different people in many different ways.

14th June 2013 Wise Cicada

A Word of Knowledge, A Word of Destiny - are they worth less than a dramatic healing or signs, wonders and miracles? For some reason we tend to compare but thankfully the One who is Love and knows exactly what each individual needs at any given time doesn't and pours out his goodness to bring hope, renewed vision and courage to those who are hungry for truth. 

When a young woman who is the owner and founder of a well known Jewellery Company stops to chat about her Spiritual Journey and receives several words of knowledge and words of destiny to help build on the dreams that have already been established in her life and business it is a great day! 

Hearing an encouraging word back from another lady that has different beliefs, telling me she has been so blessed by the way we re-present Biblical Truths in such a fresh way to all faiths by building bridges and that she can see this bringing unity and spiritual awakening to this nation - the icing on the cake!

Dates for Wise Cicada 12 July 2013 & 9th August 2013

22nd June 2013 Auckland Night Markets Pakuranga

How amazing is it to see people of every age, belief and race touched by the love of the One whose goodness knows no end! 20+ people flowed through the stall with unfortunately just as many turned away due to the fact that there were only two of us there on Saturday night. 

It is so much more than exciting (We can never seem to find appropriate adjectives to explain what happens when we get to share in releasing the extreme Goodness of God.) to see teenagers getting tangibly touched when they have a Spiritual Encounter with love, joy, peace and hope.  One young guy was visibly touched as he met with Wairua Tapu and others that came in having experienced terrible pain and trauma in their young lives left knowing that they have incredible futures filled with endless possibilities ahead of them. The look of astonishment when they realise that God knows and cares about every detail of their life is absolutely priceless. 

One beautiful single mum got healed of fear of having a tumour - a friend had died of one a little while ago and she was convinced she had one too so we told those lying symptoms to take a walk off a cliff and she walked away totally fired up about her future and enthused about some business ideas that God pinpointed via words of knowledge.

The parting comment from a young man who had recently finished his post grad in science and psychology and spent quite some time throwing out question after question as he was sincerely seeking for truth “I really want to ******* believe like you do and I’ll be back!” turned the tables after this long and “challenging” chat, and the astonishment was on our faces – along with a “Wahoo” moment inside as we knew that Wairua Tapu had been working overtime!

Dates for Next Markets – July 13th and 17th and August 10th and 24th

19th & 20th July Tauranga Dreaming With Purpose

Tuesday 6th August 7pm

Introduction to Dream Interpretation

GFM Auckland Equipping Station
Saint Aidan’s Presbyterian Church,
Walter Strevens Drive, Conifer Grove, Takanini

Saturday 10th August OUTSIDE THE WALLS TRAINING 10am - 3pm and 7pm - late (Practical Training at the Market)

Springs of Life Church, 126 Point Chevalier Road, Point Chevalier, Auckland

You don't need to spend years training to reach out in love to others and see them healed physically, emotionally and spiritually - you have within you the same Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead - Find out How Easy it is to release the Love of God via the Menu of Healing, Spiritual Insights, Dream Interpretation, Spiritual Cleansing, Spiritual Encounters etc and then come out with us to the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga and see people's lives transformed......including your own!

Well that's about it for May & June 2013 - Feel free to send in your Dreams to www.dreams.org.nz and any questions you may have, or if you are keen to learn how to interpret your own feel free to request a Revelations Dream School which is an intensive training run over two nights and one full day (Fri-Sat) for further info go to www.dreams.org.nz under the Events tab.

Hope all your dreams are sweet!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

March & April 2013 LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED!

Wow!  It has been a whirlwind of a couple of months for us here at Dreams.  But we absolutely love all the opportunities we get to simply love others without any agenda.  You may notice a four letter word cropping up again and again – L.O.V.E.  This is the incredible journey that God has had us on for the last few years via either that still small voice, many, many dreams, visions and pretty much every where we turn we can’t get away from LOVE and we truly don’t ever want to…….everything else passes but LOVE remains constant.

March 5th 2013 Andrew & Erin's Wedding Anniversary

Talking about love – we got to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary and we gotta say – it just keeps getting better!  Loving each other and loving others together that calls for a Yay God!

March 9th 2013 Auckland Night Markets Pakuranga
Loving people is what God does best and He loves to do that through us, so with around 30 people through the stall last night we saw Him pour out His love, comfort, peace and healing power. The challenges some people are facing can seem so overwhelming and we are thankful for this incredible opportunity to encourage and bring Gods presence into their situations. We saw people stunned as specific details were revealed at just how much He truly does care for every single aspect of their lives. From young teenagers to mature adults and again every nationality that you can think of – they are ALL his sons and daughters with whom He longs to have close relationship and see released into the fullness of their destiny and it was wonderful that many got to see Him truly as a loving Father for the first time last night. Much of what they tell us is so very personal and often quite traumatic so can’t always be publically shared. The hunger to experience God and to truly know Him and not just about Him is increasing and there seems to be a huge spiritual awakening happening in our little corner of the marketplace.

March 23rd 2013 Outside the Walls Training
We love seeing others really get that it is all about simply loving others in their sphere of influence – there is no pressure, no programmes, not a formula in sight which takes a load of pressure of those that are looking to see people touched, transformed and released into their destinies, whether it is by healing, spiritual insights, spiritual encounters, spiritual cleansing, dream interpretation or a smile, a hug a word of encouragement – it doesn’t matter just as long as they are releasing the incredible love that was freely given to them to others everywhere.  Comments from a couple who attended both the training and the Auckland Night Markets where they got to put everything into practice -   

Incredibly impacted to be involved with the team from XP Erin-Andrew Bradley, releasing Papa's Love to a hurting and broken generation. It was absolutely priceless seeing people’s faces change as revelation broke into their hearts. It's the aaaaaaah moments of God that leaves you speechless and incredibly humbled that in the big scheme of things God chose us Les n I to be alive for a time such as this. We spoke with a lot of Maori people tonight, Our PEOPLE, HIS PEOPLE!!!!

Please don’t read that it is all about “us” (Andrew, Erin, Denise, Mark etc) it soooooo isn’t but we just can’t and won’t keep this great love to ourselves – that would be incredibly selfish – how can we not want to share this with those who are broken, hurting emotionally, physically and spiritually and help them to find their identity as incredibly loved sons and daughters of the Creator of the Universe?  It was so wonderful to see around 20 people really excited about getting “Outside the Walls” and some of them learning to become love for those that they spent time with in the stall.

If you, your friends, your whanau, your social group, church group, whatever group are keen to learn how to love others and find out how easy and how much fun it really is to re-present Jesus outside of the walls – feel free to contact us at lovelookslikeyou@xtra.co.nz  – no group is too big or small!

March 23rd 2013 Auckland Night Markets Pakuranga
Religion sucks – it never brings life and freedom and lots of people got to understand the difference between religion and having a true relationship with God with so many getting to experience Jesus in an authentic way. Physical healings are a regular occurrence in the Market and on Saturday we saw improvements with smashed ankles and hamstrings. Every week we have people come in desperate for hope in their current circumstances and they not only find this, but discover that they also have an incredible destiny ahead of them via Dream Interpretation, Name Readings, Spiritual Encounters and Spiritual Insights. God loves all His kids and many have walked away, not so much because of Him, but because they have been deeply wounded by others and what an incredible privilege it is to see them come into a place of emotional and spiritual freedom! Seeing restoration on so many levels is just amazing!

April 6th 2013 Auckland Night Markets Pakuranga BSSM Team Whangarei/International
What does it look like when we become love to the world around us? What happens when His kids go out to love people without any other agendas? What happens when you put the Dreams team together with the Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry Team Whangarei and International team……….. A Love Revolution! Love doesn’t just make people feel better it transforms and we saw that in action at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga where so many lives were touched, transformed and people were physically and emotionally healed by the love and power of Jesus. Jesus IS Love and we were created to be just like Him and express that wherever we go, and we sure had fun doing that on Saturday night. So many people
just don’t know who they are yet and when they get to meet with His kids that do know, it is inevitable that they will get to experience incredible goodness and supernatural love. One young Mum came in for spiritual insights and also received a small measure of freedom from pain of endometriosis – she came back an hour later, all the pain had completely vanished and she was thrilled to bits at being free for the first time in so long from pain! Loads of knees healed, arch healed, heel healed (lol), several ex drug addicts given encouragement by dream interpretations, spiritual insights etc. So many people experiencing the tangible presence of God in joy peace and of course LOVE – around 50 through the stall and countless around and outside the stall all getting to taste the extreme love of God in some form or another. Thanks so much BSSM team – we loved loving others with you!

April 13th 2013 Auckland Night Markets Pakuranga & Jacqui & George and Papatoetoe Night Market Team (to be)

It is always a heap of fun for the Dreams Team at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga, but even more fun when we have others that are learning about becoming love with us! It never ceases to amaze us how accurate words of knowledge break down barriers and we saw this many times on Saturday night. In particular with three individual young Maori women who God was encouraging in their vocations as well as bringing restoration so they could move forward from broken promises into a future that held hope and trust. Sometimes it is more fun watching the friend sitting next to them whose mouths seem to hit the floor as they also get to experience the incredible love of God as He very clearly reveals how much He loves them. A spiritualist had significant decrease of pain in her joints from head to toe and increased movement as tested on the stairs outside the stall. Many dream Interpretations again revealed giftings and amazing opportunities ahead for both young and old alike. One young Muslim girl received an instant decrease from pain in her knee from a 6/10 to a 1/10 while her Dad and sister were hugely encouraged by the Destiny Word Cards as they waited and lastly near midnight a man we spoke to the week before hobbled in (because he needed a hip replacement) to discover more about Jesus and danced out free from pain and looking forward to his future! Each week it is so different as each person that comes into the stall has different needs, but everyone that comes in always leaves being touched by God’s love and goodness in some way or another – all with a fresh and new perspective of who He really is!

April 19th 2013 Wise Cicada
Thought that today I may only see one person as the first lady was with me the whole time I am usually there, which is fine by me as I always believe that every person I get to speak with is a divine set up by God.  Then I got to encourage another with a dream interpretation followed by a lady who came in initially with a fairly downcast demeanor.  It felt a little like she was saying “Well what have you got for me!”  By the end of her time with me, she was smiling and had hope for her future that God would deal to the liver disease that she had been battling.  By the end of that session it was well into the afternoon and I had packed up most of the gear when two very young teenage girls came in and the Father’s heart was poured out yet again as I spoke healing over them for eating disorders and encouraged them with words of destiny for their future.  Honestly, nothing compares to seeing His love speak life into those that need a miracle.

April 22nd 2013 Chateau de Peninsula
Erin-Andrew Bradley came and shared their outreach ministry with us last night at Chateau de Peninsula - 17 in person and 2 on Skype turned up. Fantastic learning opportunity for everyone present. Andrew & Erin have developed a very mature, relevant and effective method of evangelising and speaking light & life into the world via the night market scene. Wonderfully wise, humble and talented couple. Contact them if you desire to step out & walk alongside others already making a difference in your world.

Another opportunity to equip and release others to “Just Do It” outside the walls and a great evening of fun and food – thanks Paul and Simon!

April 27th 2013 Auckland Night Markets Pakuranga
“Coincidence or Divine Appointments” – We will leave you to decide, but whatever you think we found that the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga started humming really early last night, with a huge influx of people very early on, so it was wonderful having George, Jacqui and Kathryn with us to help out. We saw over 30 people – each person hoping for something special for either their current set of circumstances or for their future. One lady who came in with only partial hearing and walked out being able to hear clearly was so excited that she now had the ability to be able to hear her phone ring for the first time ever that she brought her son and husband in to receive from God too! “Coincidence” No: 1 – A young woman came into the stall not realising that we were the same people that she had been sending in dreams to for around a year now through the "Dreams" website www.dreams.org.nz (She is just beginning to search for her spiritual identity) and it was so incredibly touching to see God speak to both her and her friend and remove obstacles that had been preventing them from moving forward into their destinies – we ran out of tissues. “Coincidence” No: 2 A young girl and her cousin enormously encouraged on their spiritual journey discovered that her Mother went to school with one of the team (in a different part of New Zealand many moons ago) – small world! There are so many lonely people out there just needing to know that they are loved and in fact not alone and that God really is good and He loves them so very much, He will never leave them, never abuse them physically or emotionally and never let them down. For some we get the awesome opportunity to help them discover their created value and to speak life into them so that they can be completely released with confidence into their true identity. God knows just what is needed for each and every individual that comes through the stall and He loves to pour out His goodness and love above and beyond what we even expect…..we are so blessed and immensely thankful to have this amazing opportunity – thank you God!

Dream Interpretation – You may be patiently waiting for your dream to be interpreted from the www.dreams.org.nz site.  As you can see from above we have been a tad busy ( not to mention selling our house and packing to move to a rental popped into the equation too!) so please bear with us as we do get many dreams coming in from all over the world and this is not our day job lol – in fact it is all FREE!!  For those of you that understand the Ancient Hebraic texts – a Revelations Dream School is a wonderful way of learning how to interpret your own dreams so if you or your friends etc are keen on that just drop us a line at dreams@xtra.co.nz and we can look at coming to do something in your neck of the woods.

A long post this time – hope you enjoyed it and we hope that all your Dreams are sweet!