Friday, October 28, 2011

Spirit Vs Intellect

There are many wise and intelligent people on this planet now, and many that have gone before us.

There is an early historical record of where the ruler of Egypt had a dream that he could not understand but recognised that it was a spiritual dream and very important for the country he ruled.  This ruler was informed about a young man called Joseph that had been imprisoned that had the ability to interpret dreams, so he sent for him.  Joseph interpreted the dream purely from the counsel of the God that he worshipped and the ruler was able to act upon the interpretation which helped Egypt make it through a time of great famine and recession – a lot like we are going through now.  Joseph was of course released from prison and put into a position of leadership in Egypt second only to the governing ruler.

In yet another case we see Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon had a dream but did not know what the dream meant.  He had many wise counsellors and seers that he could go to but he knew that he had to have the truth, not just a wise sounding interpretation.  So to put his counsellors to the test he told them that they had to tell him the dream first and then the interpretation.  Of course his counsellors said “How can we tell you the interpretation until we know what the dream is about…tell us the dream first”, but because this King knew that it was paramount for his kingdom’s future to have the absolute truth, he stuck to his guns and was willing to put to death all his counsellors and seers if they got it wrong.

This King’s story has a great ending – there was a young man called Daniel that was trained in all aspects of dreams and visions and he too received His counsel from the God that he worshipped, and sought Him to find out not only what the King had dreamed but the interpretation too and then proceeded to tell the King what he had been shown.  The King knew that Daniel could not have known what his dream was about and therefore had access to a wisdom far greater than anyone else in the kingdom and received the interpretation.

Wisdom can be found in a man’s intellect and yes, you can have many wise counsellors, but there is a greater wisdom to be found and that is what I call ‘Spirit wisdom’ which comes out of relationship with Holy Spirit – not just simply believing and knowing about God or having a degree in theology – as there are many that have degrees in theology but don’t even know God, and I am not talking about religion, that is simply man’s ideas on who God or Spirit is, again not relationship with God.  Over the centuries many have exchanged the wisdom of the Creator for the wisdom of man – it is not evil, but it is not God!  Many say “But aren’t we all a part of Spirit and He a part of us?”  We are all made in the God’s image but not all of us actually can say that we really know and communicate with Him.

Holy Spirit will give you information in dreams, visions, mysteries, parables, and riddles, so you will come to Him to find out what it means.  You want information, He wants relationship and He will release that information to show you who He is and more often than not He will give you dreams that pertain to what you were created to do and your destiny.  You will recognise these dreams as being more than just processing the matters of the day and there will be an excitement inside yourself or in your spirit.  You may not even understand what the dream means, you just know it is important and a “spiritual dream” and you need to find the interpretation.

The benefits of hanging out with God are you get to know Him, how He thinks and you also get to have revelation of the ages to come, which means prophetic insight, receiving information about the future before it happens, and it all comes out of getting to know Him.

Dream symbol books are a great tool but they are not the be all and end all and sometimes Holy Spirit will mix up the symbols that you receive in dreams, just so you will seek Him out for the answers and not simply rely on your own understanding – to Him relationship is paramount and He wants to develop that with you.

If you feel that you have been in a place where you are struggling to be able to see or hear clearly, it is because Holy Spirit is inviting you to get to know Him more.  Maybe you have had dreams and visions for years, but have never really connected with Holy Spirit/God at all and you would like to know how to do this.  Feel free to drop us a line at and let us know we would love to talk with you and help you to get clarity on what God is saying to you. 

 Sweet Dreams!

© October 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

We’re Going on a Treasure Hunt!

Our dreams provide clues to discovering buried or hidden treasure.

There are apparently over 7 billion people on this planet but did you know that you are unique, unlike any other person – with a certain personality type, particular skills and abilities, and areas that you are passionate about.  The reason for that is so that you can influence your world in a way that nobody else can!

Sometimes the thing or things that we were born to do will come out in our dreams. There are ideas that have not even entered into our minds that crop up in our dreams and some of them hint at or even s-c-r-e-a-m at us, endeavouring to direct us into the area/s that we are meant to be focusing on.

Dreams release you into another dimension, out of the physical, outside of the ‘usual’ realm of possibilities and into the realm of the impossible, but because of the particular mix that is ‘you’, this removes the impossible factor and makes it achievable. 

A profound statement by Steve Jobs  the visionary behind Apple who passed away yesterday   ‘Don’t let the opinions of others drown out your own voice!’ shows that if we allow others to influence how we move forward in life, it can hinder us from recognising that our dreams can carry seeds, blueprints, or strategies that might just be the next step we are meant to take that propels us into our destiny.

Your dreams are filled with treasure.  If you need a hand digging, please feel free to contact us at and we will endeavour to help you reveal the amazing riches that are just waiting to be discovered.

Sweet Dreams!

© October 2011