Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

I dreamt I was sitting a test, naked, in my house, which didn’t really look like my house, my teeth were falling out, and I flew back to my ex-boyfriends place and drove my car into the sea while quoting nursery rhymes to my long dead grandmother.

Ever have dreams that seem to make no sense at all, in fact you are sure they are just tangled nonsensical nothings!  Indeed some of them are better off just staying on the pillow after you wake up, but some are worth digging deeper for the rich treasure that can be found hidden with just a little bit of time and effort.  Some of them can even change the direction you are heading or breathe fresh vision into the humdrum routine that your life can sometimes become.

The above dream may sound a little crazy, and I promise this one isn’t real, but these are some of the most common dreams that people have along with being chased, falling, snakes, spiders and bathroom dreams.

Having interpreted many, many dreams, I have found that the abovementioned crop up time and time again, and depending on the overall context have fairly similar meanings.

Everybody’s favourite are the flying dreams.  These dreams can sometimes seem so realistic and even upon waking you feel exhilarated, a great sense of freedom and able to conquer anything!  This is in fact often what they are saying.  These dreams can give you a sense of supernatural power and can show spiritual intuition that helps you to gain a new or higher perspective.  They can be showing you that you have great insight into things – a good overview of certain situations and an ability to be able to soar above difficult circumstances.  Flying dreams often free you up in reality to come up with creative ideas in all aspects of your life, personally and professionally.  They can begin to position you for the destiny you were created for and push you into reaching for the more, which may have previously seemed impossible.

If you or a friend have had some of these dreams and you are not sure exactly what they mean in your set of circumstances, please feel free to send them into and we will endeavour to help bring clarity and direction.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Dreams are Free, Understanding them is Priceless!

Did you know that it has been discovered that on average we can spend up to six years of our life dreaming?  Six years worth of dreams could add up to a lot of messages that if we choose to ignore, may mean we miss out on creative ideas that could affect our day to day life and our very future!

What if our dreams actually contain messages from another realm and can truly make a difference in the choices we make regarding our destiny?

Sure some of those dreams are definitely related to simply processing situations and things that occur in our lives, but as we have seen in the previous blogs, some of those dreams could contain creative ideas for new products or businesses and possibly solutions to problems we are currently dealing with.

How about that awkward scenario that has caused a broken relationship with a family member or a friend?  Could you possibly have strengths or talents that are yet to be discovered?  Pass off your dreams as merely processing and you may find yourself paying good money to a counsellor or a therapist that could have gone on those creative projects that you also ignored!

That new car you dreamt about the other night – could that be the vehicle that you need to propel you into making a shift into the career you’ve always secretly fantasised about?  What about the dream you had about your teeth falling out, are you possibly biting off more than you can chew, and maybe a little wisdom is needed to adjust your busy schedule?

Send your dreams into us at and don’t miss out on all the incredible opportunities that are just waiting to be unlocked by simply understanding what your dreams are saying!
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