Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 2012

Hi Everyone,

July has almost finished and ‘Dreams’ has absolutely loved getting out and about meeting different folks from all over the place!

Outside The Walls Training 14 July 2012
It was fantastic meeting with a bunch of young folk from Hope Auckland Christian Church, initially at “Outside the Walls Training” and then later on that evening on to the Pakuranga Auckland Night Markets.  It is incredibly exciting seeing God’s kids begin to find out how easy it is to share the extreme love of Jesus with people. If you or your Church are interested in this training so that you can see how much fun it is to see people truly walk into freedom and experience the authentic love of Jesus drop us a line  – we usually do this on the Saturday that we have the Night Market so that we can put some legs on the training, but if your group has an event or outreach in your town/city we will fit in with that.

The Pakuranga Night Market on the 14th July was truly above and beyond our wildest imaginations – we saw so many lives truly transformed by God’s amazing love and hope through Dream Interpretation, Spiritual Insights, Healing etc – see for some more stories.

Auckland Uni Orientation Week
Auckland Uni Orientation week saw us speaking with many Uni students and re-presenting Jesus to them again through the various things on the Menu. It is so wonderful seeing the students pick a card and then receive an encouraging word that literally speaks life into their spirits….reminds me of that advert on TV. where the woman gets her arm chopped off with a light saber (For any of the overseas readers – I promise it isn’t gruesome, just surprising) and the narrator says “Well she didn’t expect that today…..”

We were back at The Rhema Network with Pat Brittenden “Mornings” on the 19th July and discussing and interpreting your dreams.  This time Pat threw in a dream and some light hearted fun, and along with Ricky Jervais I helped interpret Karl Pilkington’s dream, if you want to listen to that go to  – if you are ringing in with a dream, please ring in early as I am only on for half an hour and if you wait you will more than likely miss out!  Next date is the 16th August 2012 11a.m.

Finally we made it back to Wise Cicada where we got our first opportunity for 2012 to interpret Dreams and encourage folk that either come to the CafĂ©, bookstore or health food supermarket for free – so again they got more than they bargained for!  We will be there again on the 17th August 2012.

14 July 2012 Pakuranga Night Market
We will be at the Pakuranga Night Markets this Saturday Night 28th July 2012 – so please let your friends, acquaintances, co-workers, neighbours, anyone really, know (Reeves Road, Under the Warehouse Car Park from 6pm till midnight) because we would love to see them get way more than they can even imagine too – and really most people just want to be happy, find love and hope for their future and we have all of that and then some to be able to offer them!

Hope you are all having an amazing July and please feel free to drop us a line and say Hi or send in your dreams!

Sweet Dreams from the ‘Dreams’ team

©  July 2012


  1. Hi I relly enoyed this read and look forward to many more from you.

    1. Hi Eddy, thanks for that and thanks for dropping by!