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Spring has Finally Arrived!!!

September 2012

Saturday Nights can often be a time for kicking back and relaxing at home – always great and always looked forward to.  But if you are looking for something else to do where you can get something really delicious to eat and maybe after that feel like checking out a Menu of a spiritual kind you will find us right at the end of the Food Court, under The Warehouse, in the Car park on Reeves Road in Pakuranga at The Auckland Night Markets every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.   We get to chat with people from all over Auckland and beyond about their spiritual journeys and to encourage them for their future, see them healed both physically and emotionally and for us at “Dreams” there is nothing that quite compares!

Auckland Night Markets – Pakuranga 8th September 2012

Yes, it is never “just another Saturday night” for the team at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga and it is never “just another person” coming through the stall.    With around 30 plus through the stall, God chose to display His extreme love in such a variety of ways.  One young woman shared her heart after a word of knowledge from one of the team, that she had already had an amazing experience with God then told us about the terrible car accident that she walked away from with only scratches, her car didn’t come off quite so well and she knew that she must have experienced the protection of God and this was the beginning of her journey to discovering who God was.   Spring was certainly well overdue for one Mum and daughter who experienced an amazing encounter with God enabling them to move forward from the pain of losing a son/brother to suicide 2 years prior and they left the stall filled with peace and joy.  God dealt with a couple of different kinds of pain when one of the team had a word of knowledge for a man in a green jacket, sore back and an old injury and literally chased him down to see him set free from the long term back pain, along with a lady who had terrible hip pain watching in disbelief as her leg grew and she was able to walk up some stairs and now enjoy the rest of the evening pain free!  There are so many more stories of His goodness, each very special and unique to both God and the person on the receiving end of His extreme love, and we are so thankful for each and every one!

Wise Cicada 14th September 2012

We love our once a month sojourn at Wise Cicada which is in Crowhurst Street, Newmarket, Auckland.  Not only do they do some of the best coffees in Auckland but they have a stream of customers that are often not purely interested in the great food, the health food supermarket, or the selection of books, etc but many of them are also on a spiritual journey and we get to share the love of God via Dream Interpretation, Spiritual Insights and whatever they choose off the beautiful Menu that Denise painted for us to use.  One beautiful young woman we got to speak with was really desiring to learn how to hear God’s voice, but was finding it difficult to find “alone time” so Helen and I got the opportunity to pray for her and talk to her about being still, even in the midst of business and she began to experience God’s peace for her then and there.  Another young Mum who we regularly pray and interpret dreams for is often brought to tears as we release God’s love to her and encourage her for her destiny.  We got to chat with a guy that we met last time and he greeted us as if we were old friends – building friendships with folk and encouraging them spiritually is such great fun!

Auckland Night Markets – Pakuranga 22nd September 2012

Personally I don’t think there is anything better than getting the opportunity to encourage and love all sorts of people from all sorts of faiths, beliefs and nationalities on their Spiritual journey – and we got to do it again at the Auckland Night Markets last Saturday night with the XP Revelations team and a few extra wonderful helpers!   To watch around 40 + people walk in one way and see them leave with hope for their future, and huge smiles from either the life giving Words of Destiny, Dream Interpretations, Healing, Spiritual Encounters etc.  It is such a privilege to be a part of transforming their perspective and awakening them to the reality that there is a spiritual realm……..there is nothing like it!  There was a lady healed from hip displacement and felt the presence of Holy Spirit in her hands, a guy who had pain in his foot saw it reduced from 8 out of 10 pain to 3 out of 10 pain, and yet another guy had a knee injury healed.  It is so much fun watching God set up scenarios - we had an Irish friend visiting the stall and ‘coincidentally’ a young Irish man with physical and immigration challenges came by who had no real interest in Spiritual things prior to chatting with us but left encouraged for his future here in New Zealand!  Another incredible night at the Markets!  Thank You GOD!

!!!Coming Up!!!Outside The Walls Training October 27th 2012

Someone commented on how amazing it is that people trust us so much and tell us such intimately personal things.  We can go to all sorts of places - our work, school, the supermarket, fairs, festivals, and our neighbours.  Love is the key, it always was and always will be because that’s who our God is and when we re-present Him authentically (with love being the only agenda) all can recognise Truth and be drawn to us – it all starts with one man or one woman free from the fear of man (i.e. what others think) reaching out sharing the extreme love of God in their sphere of influence – without waiting to “feel” led or called. 

We know that they recognise the One that is within us and this makes them feel safe and desire the counsel or whatever it is  that they need– they can’t desire that if we don’t speak to them, and we can’t speak to them if we don’t go Outside the Walls – so if you or your group/church are interested in learning and experiencing some of the incredible opportunities like we have to love people we will be doing another “Outside the Walls” training at Springs of Life Church (Formerly known as Point Chev. Baptist Church) 126 Point Chevalier Road, Point Chevalier, Auckland, on the 27th October 2012 from 10am – 3:30pm followed by a practical session at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga. Please contact Andrew or Erin on for further information or see

Revelations Dream School 2nd & 3rd November 

If you are interested in learning how to interpret your dreams then this is a wonderful place to start
Time:   7pm – 9:30pm Friday 2nd November 9:30am – 9:30pm Date:    Saturday 3rd November
Venue:  St Martin’s Church
  22 Wyllie Road
  Old Papatoetoe

To Register: email or phone Yvonne Lovatt on 09 622 0677 or contact the Church Office 09 278 8657  $35/person $50/couple includes a Revelations Dream School Manual.  Cutoff date for Registrations 20th October 2012.  For Further info about the Dream School please go to

Enjoy the change of the seasons – wherever you are and we hope all your dreams are sweet!

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