Thursday, March 8, 2012

What's Happening In Dream's World

So…we missed a month…we did what we don’t often do, couldn’t make a decision!

Decision made – this will remain the blog page, and keep you informed more with what is going on, but we will write in depth articles on dreams on  please feel free to have a wander over – there are other articles on this hub, but the majority will be on dreams!

Life is getting somewhat busier!  Thanks to Pat Brittenden who invited Dreams to do live on air Dream Interpretation at Radio Rhema's 'Mornings' (This link will take you to a frequency in your area) we have been swamped with dreams from folks all over our beautiful country as well as the ones that come in from the website and Trade Me which is great, but it may take longer to get to interpreting your dreams!  Pat and the producer have indicated that this will be a monthly thing so if you want to have your dream interpreted live on Radio, email them in when you hear that I will be on.  They will be looking for short dreams not the long epic type due to time constraints, recurring dreams, or dreams that really stick in your mind.  Also because of the time constraints I have set up a page on the website for a more in depth look at some of the dreams that maybe didn’t get a really clear interpretation on air under Radio Rhema.  It is somewhat challenging interpreting on the hop – and I am sure Pat was a little disconcerted with some of the blank looks I was giving him!

I cannot recommend the Revelations Dream School enough especially for those that are interested in understanding what the hidden messages are in their dreams!  Feel free to contact us about booking one for your group/church/business social group.  This comes with a comprehensive manual and should get you well and truly on the way to understanding your dreams.  At the moment we are booked for 11th and 12th May in Gisborne and you can contact Jenny Kent for further details as she is organising this for the area.  Her contact info is or 06 8684074.

We had our first foray out into Pakuranga Night Market on the 25th February with many people stopping by the xp revelations gazebo for Dream Interpretations, Healing, Spiritual Insights, Tattoo Readings, Name Readings, Words of Destiny and much, much more.  We enjoyed it so much we will be back on Saturday 17th March 2012 from 6pm till late so feel free to drop on by!  This is held in the car park under the Warehouse in Reeves Road Pakuranga Westfield Shopping Centre and also has many other stalls with loads of very tasty international cuisine to choose from too!

Well we are off to sunny Keri Keri this weekend – not to do any Dream Interpreting but simply to Dream and to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary – lets hope they turn on better weather for us than the last time we were there and Cyclone Bola hit!

Well that’s about it for now, so please don’t hesitate to send your dreams on in or ask for a Word of Destiny and may all your dreams be sweet!  March 2012

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