Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dream Thief’s

“Bah Humbug!” So you are in the middle of this amazing dream where you are the hero/heroine and all the baddies have been dealt to and you are about to ride off into the sunset high on your victory and what happens? (((((ring))))) (((((ring))))) (((((ring))))) (((((ring))))) the phone rings and snaps you right out of it!

You are sipping a fruity drink that has a little umbrella perched on the edge of the glass, lying on a white sandy beach, palm trees gently swaying as the warm breeze slightly ruffles the pages of that book that you have finally got around to reading when ……… “Mummy, Daddy there’s a monster under my bed!”  And reality yells loudly in your ear!

The car dealer has just handed you the keys to your brand new red Ferrari and you drive sedately out the driveway, speeding up as you get to the open road on the way to your sprawling home that is situated on the beach front in the best suburb in your city when …….. “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas just like the…….” And yes you are awake, no it’s not Saturday and yes you have hit the snooze button three times already!

These are some of the “Dream Thief’s” that will steal away those amazing dreams that you have been having until all that is left is the vague feeling of something that you just can’t quite grasp, but you know it was good!

Notes for meeting at 9am collated
Kids fed and dressed
Dog walked
Cat fed
Kid’s dropped off at School                          
Dreams from night before written down       

Can’t remember as you have been too busy making sure you have crossed everything else off on your list before you start the day and they have slipped away to a pleasant but distant memory of ….. “Wow that was an amazing dream...wonder what that was about…..wish I could remember!”

The ideal way to remember your dreams is to wake up s-l-o-w-l-y, without any harsh noises – reality says that is not going to happen, but you can take some time before you leap out of bed to face the day to simply recall what it is that you have dreamt about.  Dreams will always leave a residue, often this will be an emotion – happy, sad, exhilarated, fearful, angry etc.  If you can tune into what it is that you are feeling when you wake up, this will sometimes help you remember your dream. 

Try and get eight hours sleep, again not always possible, but if you are well rested and get enough sleep you are likely to retain your dreams better.

Let your brain know that your dreams are valid, that they can have an impact in your daily life.  Did you know that it has been found that you actually have 3 brains – one in your head, one in your heart and one in your gut? So those sayings “Follow your heart”.  “I have a gut feeling.” etc would explain many things, but I digress from the main subject at hand, once you recognise that dreams can be used to bring direction, correction, provide answers to questions or problems, and bring fresh, creative ideas you will begin to pay more attention to them and retain them more easily.

Get into the habit of writing down your dreams in a journal, on your computer, in a note on your phone immediately upon awakening.  Include the details like colours, numbers, people, places, vehicles etc.  Just like getting fit, good habits build muscle and overall stamina. If you can write down your dreams regularly you will find it easier to remember the little details, therefore providing a clearer picture of the overall intention of the dream itself.

Once you have started to do these simple steps on a regular basis your dream recall will most likely improve, which takes you to the next step – interpreting your dreams!  That is where we at ‘Dreams’ can help you.  Christmas is just around the corner and the team at Dreams would like to wish you “Merry Christmas” and also to remind you that if you have any curly, recurring, or significant dreams that you are struggling to understand, please feel free to send them into and we will do our best to help you figure them out.   

As we come to the end of the year we leave you with this quote by Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol “I will start anew, I will make amends and I will make quite certain that the story ends on a note of hope, on a strong amen and I'll thank the world and remember when I was able to begin again!” Who knows just like Ebenezer Scrooge your dreams could transform the way you see things and bring happiness to you and those around you!  Sweet Dreams!

© December 2011   

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