Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beautiful Dreamers

 February has been the month for having dreams and getting them interpreted both at the Markets and at Wise Cicada.  God said that He would pour His Spirit out on ALL men and women and they would dream dreams and have visions - with the increase of dreams it is such a wonderful opportunity for us to show how much He loves ALL people.
Wise Cicada February 8th 2013
Most popular item on the Menu today were “Dreams” and people wondering if those dreams about Self/Soul are really significant? Some of the ladies I spoke with today at Wise Cicada definitely found that hidden in their dreams were messages that could help bring clarity and encouragement in both their personal and spiritual journeys - messages from another realm, that show God loves to encourage us even while we sleep - sometimes we just need a little help unlocking what He is trying to say - but when we do we discover that there are keys for dealing with our daily issues and sometimes even for walking into the fullness of our destiny!  Erin will be back at Wise Cicada 19th April 2013 from 11:30am -1:30pm (or later depending on demand) – so come on in and say Hi and pick something off the spiritual menu.

Auckland Night Markets Pakuranga February 9th 2013

Rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, lower back pain x 2, arthritis in the knee x 2 – Pain was dealt to at the Auckland Night Market in Pakuranga on Saturday night. A man holding up our picture with the no-pain sign while he was being photographed was completely dumbstruck when the pain immediately left …..without prayer!!! 

The lady that had improvement with the Rheumatoid arthritis did not come to the Market expecting to meet with God but she had just prayed that morning for peace and was brought to tears by the overwhelming peace and love of God enveloping her.  

Flying dreams, giving birth dreams, white bird dreams and oh so many more with people from Italy, Japan, South Africa, Samoa, India, Turkey, Thailand and even New Zealand lol. Many of these dreams were calling or destiny dreams that had incredibly strong spiritual significance, and the dreamers left excited and hopeful about their future and deeply encouraged in their spiritual journey. 

A young guy came in that we had met before who said that since he had spoken with us last that his life was getting back on track and that he was really excited about this next part of his spiritual journey with God.  Prior to a team member speaking to him at a previous market he never knew just how much God loved him and now that he understood he was truly enjoying getting to know God, not just know about Him.

The icing on the cake was one of our team bumping into a guy while out and about that we had prayed for at the Market at the end of last year who had a very painful wrist – the pain decreased that night and was totally healed 2 days later! So good to hear great reports from previous Markets! Things that have been stolen returned, lives that have been destroyed restored – so cool getting to be a part of releasing God’s love and power – NOW THAT IS THE KINGDOM!

Auckland Night Markets Pakuranga 23rd February 2013

It all started with a Dream....... 

Dreamer No. 1  A young Buddhist man had a dream on Friday night that someone was knocking at his door, this literally woke him up so he went to check if there was someone there, but there wasn’t anybody…. that he could see anyway. He felt to come to the Market on the Saturday night – not for the food as he wasn’t hungry and came in by the entrance right next to our stall, bowled on up and we sent him to speak with one of the team where he received accurate words of knowledge and prophetic encouragement for his future. Another team member joined them and he also received a spiritual encounter where He was overwhelmed by God’s presence. When the dream was interpreted that it was actually God trying to get his attention and exactly the same words of knowledge were spoken over him that the other team member had said His head and heart were spinning. A prophetic word about him being creative (He was a burnt out investment banker) and being into photography focusing specifically on sunrises and sunsets – caused his mouth to drop open. This was his “private” passion that only his girlfriend knew about and he proceeded to show us the many pictures of sunrises and sunsets on his phone. When he heard that God loved him so much and that this whole past 24 hours was a divine set up he knew this without a shadow of a doubt and was ready to hear the incredible good news about Jesus, believed and is now following Jesus.

Dreamer No.2 This young lady came in after having sent in dreams for interpretation over the website, and contacted us hoping we would be at the Markets this week, so we met for the first time after communicating online for around a year.  In her dream there seemed to be someone in the room with a hood on and this was pretty frightening but two women appeared and said they were sent from God to protect her.  Her Mum had been a medium and did not understand about dreams but this young woman knew that God was protecting her, just simply had no one to talk to about this – she knows that God has been communicating with her in dreams because He loves her so much and after a word of knowledge about creativity regarding an ability to write shared that she was writing a story/book that seemed to be literally flowing from her.  She too received the good news and after learning that you can talk with God just as you do with a friend went home to do just that!

Dreamer No.3  A Tongan woman came in having had dreams about her Mum who had recently passed and Granddad who had passed some time ago who showed her this amazing ancient writings that she could not understand initially in the dream but after her Granddad explained what it was in the dream it appeared that she could. Initially she thought that they were really visiting her but the interpretation revealed that she was receiving a spiritual legacy and that the baton was being passed onto her – the Granddad was a minister who moved in healing and a word of knowledge revealed that she had put her beliefs on the shelf for the time being but the dream encouraged her to pick them up and walk into the fullness of her destiny. She also received instant freedom from pain in her knee and we didn’t even get to pray for the pain in her back, which went when we prayed for her knee!  P.S. God also dealt to back pain x 3 , painful hands and the 40 plus people who came through the stall tonight all received His love, His peace and then some!
Dreams are a powerful and significant way that God chooses to communicate to His children with – even if they are yet to believe in Him and we are thankful for every opportunity we get to share and demonstrate His love and power.

Next Market will be Saturday 9th March 2013 6pm till midnight (Last stall at the end of the Food Court under the Warehouse in the Car park on Reeves Road in Pakuranga) so feel free to come on down and bring a few friends along, particularly those that need healing, or their dreams interpreted.

The Divinity Code - Adrian Beale and Adam F Thomson

Erin managed to catch up with Adrian and Adam for lunch this week and it was a great time of sharing with two men who are passionate about dreams and what they can reveal for our lives.  They are the authors of The Divinity Code to Understanding your Dreams and Visions and this wonderful book contains: The most extensive Christian dream dictionary on the market, an important dictionary of names and places, a critical chapter on counterfeit interpretations by the occult, 101 interpreted dreams providing credible evidence, and a fascinating metaphor dictionary. Embrace your supernatural communications with God and go deeper into the things of the Spirit—today!  This is an excellent tool and Erin and the Dreams team use this regularly.

REMINDER “Outside The Walls” Training

We have held this training regularly over the last year and a half and have seen many folk equipped to feel confident in sharing God’s love, healing and encouragement as they go about their life.  If this excites you and you are keen to experience this first hand we will be holding another training “Outside the Walls” on Saturday March 23rd 9:30am – 3:00pm at Springs of Life Church 126 Pt Chevalier Rd, Pt Chevalier, Auckland, New Zealand  where you can learn and then participate in the Market with us afterwards…watch this space for further info or email us at

WARNING – Sharing God’s Love can be highly addictive!


Don’t forget for those of you that are keen to unlock the mystery of Dream Interpretation for yourselves we run on demand the Revelations Dream School which can be great for social groups or churches – again just drop us a line at That’s it for now and until next time may all your dreams be sweet!

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