Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 2012 Out & About with Dreams

Revelations Dream School 2nd & 3rd November 2012

What a great time we had at Revelations Dream School earlier this month with the folk out at Papatoetoe – some had come up from Huntly and from other parts of Auckland.  We love seeing people come to a place where all the things they have been wondering about connected to their dreams (parables in the night seasons) start to click into place.  For us often the most fun part of the weekend is the practical part where we work as a team with all those involved helping to interpret some of the dreams that people have written down.  We don’t always know where this will lead, and what the outcomes will be but we are never surprised at the way that dreams can have a huge impact on people’s lives and see them released into the fullness of their destiny. We had dreams about Volcanoes, Afghanistan amongst many others – mostly all metaphorical and once interpreted spoke deeply into the “dreamers” lives.  These schools are held to equip the dreamers so that they are able to begin to understand their own dreams and are always a lot of fun, so feel free to contact us on or for further info go to  if you would like one held in your area. 

Rhema Broadcasting Group 8th November 2012

I really love the opportunity that I have had with Pat Brittenden on the “Mornings” show at Rhema this past year and it is wonderful to hear all the dreams that everyone has been having and being able to shed some insight and clarity for those that phone in.    6th December 2012 will be my last one on this show as the “Mornings” show has now come to an end with a new format for the New Year, so if you have a dream and really want to phone in we are on just after the 11am news.

Auckland Night Markets – Pakuranga 10th November 2012

There often seems to be a theme for the night when we are at the markets.  This time the main theme was Religion vs Love & Truth and that is what we saw happening on Saturday night at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga. One beautiful young couple that had been together for 3 years were battling against the young woman’s parent’s beliefs which was not only trying to tear them apart but also told her that she had caused her Father’s heart attack – we spoke peace, truth and hope into this broken young couple and the young woman began to finally see light through her tears. Another beautiful young couple – A Christian girl, secure in her faith and a young man looking at another faith trying to find truth amongst hypocrisy, also found hope and encouragement for their destiny together and in God. Finally a young couple battered by well meaning people in their Church where the young woman was sadly told that she was going to hell because of a dream she had shared was completely set free – it is such a privilege to get the opportunity to bring  Love, Grace, Light, Truth, Hope and Comfort to those that desperately need it! 

With exam time coming up we got several requests to pray for Uni and College students during this time – they may not know the God who answers prayers (yet) but they understand that there is power in prayer and walked away with renewed confidence.

Wise Cicada 23rd November 2012

Another sunny day in Auckland and a great time again at Wise Cicada – with the opportunity to speak into several folks lives.  As Helen and I were sitting talking waiting for the next person to drop by and pick something off our “Spiritual Menu” a gentleman came past and we encouraged him to get a free dream interpretation – he walked past saying that we wouldn’t want to interpret his dreams as they were pretty dark.  I was telling Helen the dream I had the night before regarding a word of knowledge for this person regarding healing while this gentleman was perusing the table next to us and he spoke up and said that the word I had in the dream was for him, so we let him know that we could help with that and began to command healing – he then tells us that he has cancer and is on morphine – looking forward to a good report in the near future! 
Another young woman stops by with a recurring dream and begins to tell us a very personal story regarding her current situation which she has not shared with anyone, without going into any detail we were  able to encourage, give wise counsel and pray for her.  It is such a huge privilege to bless and encourage people – and we never take this lightly – God loves people – all of them and all their varied and challenging situations and wants the opportunity to pour His goodness out on them – we love getting to co-labour with Him at Wise Cicada!  We will be back at Wise Cicada on December 14th 2012 and would love to see you there!

Auckland Night Markets – Pakuranga 24th November 2012

What started out as a quiet night for the Auckland Night Market in Pakuranga sure finished with a bang around midnight! "The Dream that never stops Giving" might be a apt title for what was happening tonight - again the same dream that had impact at Wise Cicada the day before spoke to others this night as well. Dreams with Words of Knowledge that lead to healing and 3 people from one stall visiting ours. The first girl came in wanting her dream to be interpreted and one of the XP Revelations team who had a dream a couple of nights prior shared a dream with her and asked if there was anyone with any pain from their particular stall. She promptly went and brought a young man back followed by another lady later in the evening – all three were greatly impacted by the healing, words of knowledge, dream interpretation and words of destiny spoken over their lives. Again it is so wonderful to share God’s love and grace with many different folk regardless of their beliefs and see them truly impacted by those who are willing to be His hands and His feet.

Name Readings are something that young and old enjoy – these more often than not relate to the person’s identity and personality and are a huge encouragement and most people that come through the stall request them.  It is wonderful seeing the children that come through get really excited as they discover even at a young age that they have a destiny and purpose in this life.

We will be back at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga on the 8th December 2012, feel free to drop on by and say Hi – let us know where you heard about us from, it is always great to hear of the diverse ways people get to hear about “Dreams”.

So you can see from the above two stories that Dreams can truly impact people's lives to the point where they can be set free from pain and sickness amongst other things!  Again feel free to send in your dreams to be interpreted – for those that have attended a school, have a go at the interpretation yourself when you send it in, this is great practice!  We are extremely busy so there may be a lag over this period, but we will get to your dream.

Blessings & Sweet Dreams
From the “Dreams” Team

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