Saturday, September 3, 2011

Understanding Context and Decoding Symbols in Your Dreams

Our dreams are messages that we receive while in a peaceful and relaxed state as we sleep.  They are a little like Morse code, hieroglyphics or the Dead Sea Scrolls and they need to be decoded!  This takes a lot of practice, time and skill.  So often when we think about our dreams, we tend to want to interpret them from a literal perspective when in reality many of them are symbolic.

Some dreams may be short and sweet only containing one or two symbols, such as a vehicle or a house.  Other dreams can be populated with various people, all sorts of objects and animals that may actually mean something completely different when you dig a little deeper than what they literally represent on the surface.

It is very important not to just pick out the symbol meanings without looking at the entire context of the dream. Simply focusing primarily on the symbols and what they represent can be somewhat misleading thus preventing the dreamer from receiving insight, direction and even misunderstanding the whole purpose for the dream being communicated. The dream needs to be considered in its entirety.

Where and how do we start?
  1. Are you in the dream or simply observing?
  2. Who else is in the dream?
  3. Is the dream in colour or black and white?
  4. What are the significant symbols in the dream?
  5. Where was the dream set?
  6. What sort of emotion did you feel during the dream?
  7. What were the important things that stood out to you in the dream?
  8. What title would you give your dream? This can give you a good idea what the overall context is.
  9. Is there anything going on in your life that you recognise the dream may be speaking about?
These nine simple questions should start the ball rolling to help you begin to interpret your own dreams, but remember if you are struggling to find the interpretation keep asking questions and if you need help, please feel free to contact DREAMS at  for a personal Dream Interpretation.  If you want to gather a group of friends and make a day/night/party of it drop us an email and if you would like to book the Revelations Dream School please see   Don’t forget to let us know a little bit about yourself and your circumstances – as this helps in giving you an accurate interpretation.  Sweet Dreams all!

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