Monday, July 25, 2011


Over the last century we have been encouraged to view our dreams as simply dealing with our soul – which is our mind, will and emotions, chemical imbalances in our body, medicines, or natural bodily functions and desires.

I would like to suggest to you, that by and large the psychoanalysts and others of similar ilk have neglected another very important aspect to our dreams……….our spirit.

Personally, I believe that our spirit is the most important aspect of us.  It is what makes us who we are, and many of our dreams bypass our mind, which puts up barriers or filters related to our life experiences and the things that we have been taught and go directly to our spirit.

Why do some dreams go directly to our spirit?  Well, our minds are a little tricky at times, and we all tend to have blind spots in our lives, so that if the dream went via the pathway of our mind, it would probably be discarded or passed off as something we ate.

Our spirit is the eternal part of us, hence the journey for our spirit is not a short one, and our spirit is always learning and expanding, depending on what we feed it.

Often these dreams can be like a form of counselling without the exorbitant fees!  They are given to us to tweak things in our lives that we have hidden, ignored, or possibly justified.

If we allow them, some of the dreams we receive will actually feed our spirit, transform our minds, bring healing to our bodies, enable us to lead full and contented lives and propel us into our destiny!

Please feel free to send your dreams into and we will endeavour to help you do all the above!  

© July 2011

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